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Initially you will think that 4 months maternity leave is quite acceptable, but the moment that you hold that small little helpless bundle in your arms, you might feel differently. 

Going back to work and leaving your baby in the care of someone else is probably the hardest thing that you will ever have to do.  Therefor it is vital to plan for going back to work well in advance.  Make sure that you find a good daycare facility and start taking your child there a week or so before your return to work.  This will allow you to settle your baby into their routines and give you the opportunity to ensure that he is djusting well to the change.  If you know that your baby has settled well, it will make returning to work so much easier.

You also need to decide whether or not to keep on breastfeeding.  If you decide to switch to bottle feeding, it is a good idea to do it before you have to go back to work.  This way you can sort out some of the problems that might arise from using formule milk. 

If you decide to keep on breastfeeding, you will have to make sure that you have a good breastpump and some place at the office to express your milk and store it.

Also consider to relook your work wardrobe in advance.  You might find that you body has changed during your pregnancy (and you might still have a few kilo's to shed) and that clothes that used to fit you no longer do.

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