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Egg Donation Frequently Asked Questions / Egg Donation FAQ's

Q: Is egg donation legal?
A: Yes, definitely. Egg donors are entitled to the donation of R6,000 for egg retrieval to compensate for their inconveniences.

Q: Why do ladies or couples need egg donors?
A: Refer to the section on why couples need egg donors/ why they need to participate on an egg donor programme.

Q: Do ladies donate again after they have done it?
A: Yes, egg donors find the process very rewarding and so wish to help out again. They have found the discomfort minimal.  Every egg donor I have encountered has offered to donate again.

Q: How often can ladies donate their eggs?
A: Egg donation is governed ito the Human Tissue Act.  An egg donor can donate her eggs to the extent that 5 children are conceived through egg donation.  Only two ladies may be pregnant at the same time carrying children conceived through egg donation from a particular donor.  So, the donor can donate again once one of these ladies gives birth.

Q: How often after I have donated can I donate again?
A: After the egg donation, you will have a period, then you need to have a normal period and can donate again in the next cycle.

Q: Is it okay if I donate eggs to get the money?
A: Egg donors are angels, so the recipient gladly offers the R6,000 for the egg donor’s inconvenience.

Q: How do I know that my eggs are not used for testing and/ or given to couples who will nor adequately look after the child?
A: The clinic who will do the egg retrieval process is absolutely professional and rated as the top fertility clinic in Johannesburg.  Couples receive counselling before embarking on the egg donor programme.  The clinic does not engage in any testing at all.

Q: What happens to the eggs that are not used?
A: After the eggs have been retrieved, they are fertilised with the recipient’s partner’s sperm.  They are grown in a special medium for 5 days, at which stage usually the best two are implanted into the recipient’s uterus.  If there are remaining embryos they continue to grow in the special medium for another day or two, and are then frozen – if viable.

Q: Does the recipient know who the egg donor is?
A: Egg donation is kept anonymous and confidential.  Donors are treated with absolute respect and their details kept entirely confidential.  Upon being interested in egg donation, you may be asked for a picture of yourself.  This is just to match you up to a recipient.  If you are uncomfortable with this, it is quite acceptable and you need not provide any picture.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I am a virgin?
A: Yes. The egg donor must be prepared to have an internal examination.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I am a lesbian?
A: Yes, the egg donor’s sexual preference is her own decision and does not impact on her ability to be an egg donor.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I am breastfeeding?
A: Egg donors first have to finish breastfeeding and can then donate.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I have tattoos?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I am on contraceptive?
A: If you are on the pill, you must be prepared to come off the pill.  After your first normal bleed after having come off the pill, blood tests can be done on day 2 or 3 of your cycle.  If you have a loop in, then it is not necessary to hav it removed, unless you have the mirena loop in.  This contains hormones which does not help egg donation.  Again with your first normal bleed after having the mirena loop removed, blood tests can be done on day 2 or 3 of your cycle. If you are on the contraceptive injection, blood tests can be done on day 2 or 3 with your first normal bleed after you would have needed the injection again.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I am pregnant?
A: First have your baby, complete your breastfeeding and once your normal cycles resume, we can do the necessary tests for egg donation.

Q: Can I become an egg donor if I have been sterilsed or had my tubes tied?
A: Yes, this is perfect.

Q: What other contraception can I use if I stop using my ordinary contraceptive?
A: Condoms are considered the best contraceptive method.

Q: Why is there a cut off of aged 35 for egg donors?
A: Egg quality is deemed to deteriorate with age.

Q: Will the child or children conceived through egg donation be able to contact the egg donor at a later stage?
A: No. Egg donation is kept completely confidential.  The receipient of the donor eggs does not know the name of the donor and does also not know see any photos.  Very often parents of children conceived through egg donation do not even tell their children that they were conceived through egg donation.  It is a very personal decision.

Q: Will egg donation affect my sex drive?
A: No.

Q: Will egg donation make me put on weight?
A: No.

Q: Is egg donation sore or painful?
A: Worst side effect is slight bloatedness.

Q: Will egg donation impact on my fertility?
A: No, egg donation does not affect your own fertility.  It is about donating the eggs that you had no intention of using that month any way.

Q: How often can I donate my eggs?
A: Not more than 5 living children may be conceived through your generous gift of egg donation.

Q: What if become an egg donor and no couple selects me?
A: That is not the way the baby2mom egg donation programme works.  Couples are very desperate for egg donor and there really are alot of desperate couples.  baby2mom attempts to match the donor’s physical profile to the recipient.  If your blood tests and physical have come back that all is in order, you select when you want to donate.

Q: Can I be an egg donor if I have no thyroid?
A: No, thyroid is critical to goo egg development, so a thyroid is essential for egg donation.

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