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The parents will go through a process of egg retrieval (as described above).  During this time, the surrogates body will be prepared for pregnancy via hormones adminstered under careful medical treatment. 

After the eggs have been retrieved, they are fertililised with the partner's sperm and the embryos carefully monitored in an incubator containing a special medium to faciliate the growth of embryos.  Once the embryos are five days old, they will be transferred into the surrogate and a pregnancy test undertaken five days later.  The surrogate will be informed of treatment during this 2 week period and receive constant care.

Process Followed Between Intended Parents and Surrogate

A couple and surrogate are put in contact with one another to see if a possible surrogacy arrangement may be feasible.  The intended parents and surrogate agree to a letter of intent, which will include the donation that has been agreed between the two parties. 
The next steps include medical and psychological screening of the surrogate to ensure that she in an optimal situation to conceive for her intended couple.

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