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image 363What would your kids swop to get their hands on Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Cereal Bars?

Matthew would swop his shiny red bicycle. Samantha promises she would swop her favourite Miss Dolly. Steven is adamant that he would swop his pet hamster. What would your child swop to get their hands on a Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Cereal and Milk Bar or a Coco Pops® Coco Rocks Cereal Bar? To celebrate the launch of the new Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Coco Rocks Cereal Bars and Coco Pops® Cereal and Milk Bars, Kellogg’s wants to know what the ultimate swop for the perfect lunch box treat would be.

You could be one of ten lucky winners of a year’s supply of Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Coco Rocks Cereal Bars and Coco Pops® Cereal and Milk Bars. You could also stand the chance to win the grand prize of R20 000. To enter, simply purchase a box of either variant, send in the last six digits of the barcode, along with your child’s name, age and what they would swop and you could be chosen! Entries can be sent via SMS to 34067 with the key word ‘SWOP’, posted to Ultimate Swop, Private Bag X16, Gallo Manor, 2052, emailed to swop@cocopops.co.za or via the www.cocopops.co.za website. Entries close 3 May 2010. (Terms and conditions apply)

Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Coco Rocks Cereal Bars with its chocolate drizzle and choc bits have an unbelievable chocolatey taste! The light and crispy texture makes it a great tasting treat that your kids are sure to love. The new and improved Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Cereal and Milk Bars are made from your child’s favourite chocolate cereal – they’re soft and chewy, with a delicious milky layer on the bottom.

The new Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Coco Rocks Cereal Bars and the new and improved Coco Pops® Cereal and Milk Bars are the perfect treat, which means empty lunchboxes are guaranteed! Both variants are available in multi-packs at leading retail stores as of January 2010.


image 336Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® cereals launch creates widespread rumour of chocolate shortage…

October 2009

Press reports of an “unconfirmed global chocolate shortage” have recently caused a stir amongst the media and public alike, with some anxious chocoholics dreading a choco-barren world! Street poles and newspaper articles announced the unofficial shortage, and the ‘impending’ chocolate famine was also broadcast on radio and television. South Africans were faced with the possibility of a chocolate-free existence – plain milk, raisin chip cookies, and no chocolate ice-cream!
Not to worry! The imaginary chocolate shortage was the tongue-in-cheek national launch campaign of the new super chocolatey Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® cereals. The campaign slogan: ‘It’s where the super chocolatey taste’s at!’ alluded to the fact that the new Coco Pops® Original, Crunchers and Jumbos are now so super chocolatey that Coco had to use all the chocolate flavour in the world to make it & that’s where all the chocolate had gone.

Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® has launched three exciting new & improved products: Coco Pops® Original, Coco Pops® Crunchers & Coco Pops® Jumbos! Coco Pops® Original now turns milk super chocolatey, new Coco Pops® Crunchers has an extra chocolatey crunch, while new Coco Pops® Jumbos has a jumbo chocolatey taste. They’re so delicious, getting your kids to sit down and eat the most important meal of the day, should no longer be a struggle.

image 337Even though the new cereals are now super chocolatey they still have the nutritional goodness they had previously. The new Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® cereals contain essential vitamins & iron, no preservatives or colourants and they are low in fat. In addition to this, new Coco Pops® Jumbos & Coco Pops® Crunchers now also have the added benefit of being a source of fibre, which adds to children’s necessary daily intake of fibre.
Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Senior Brand Manager Leanne Martin says: “New Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® cereals offer a delicious, super chocolatey taste which kids love while still offering them what they need at breakfast for their growth and development. We believe that the new chocolatey cereals provide the perfect solution for keeping both parents and kids happy.’
New super chocolatey Coco Pops® cereals have been on-shelf from October 2009.


NEW Coco Pops Chocorillas: New name, same great taste!

October 2009

Last month Kellogg gave kids all over South Africa the chance to help Coco and the Gang give Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Mystery Choc a name! Kellogg was flooded with some wonderful suggestions and it was a tough job trying to choose just one. Names that made the shortlist included Croc ‘o Munch, Chocorooz, Chocorillas, Double oh Choc and Croco Snaps.

 After much consideration, Kellogg would like to congratulate Adrian Farkas for his suggestion ‘Chocorillas’ which is going to be the name of the delicious new chocolatey cereal - the latest addition to the ever popular Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® range.

image 338New Kellogg’s® Chocorillas is a combination of two of South Africa’s favourite cereal brands – golden, toasted Kellogg’s® Corn Flakes with the super chocolatey taste of Kellogg’s® Coco Pops®! Delicious, chocolatey cereal flakes that turn the milk incredibly chocolatey!

The winner, Adrian Farkas, who came up with the most original and imaginative name, has won a family holiday adventure for four to the mystical island of Madagascar valued at R60 000! Adrian will soon be discovering sand dunes, searching for elusive sea turtles and snorkelling in the crystal blue waters off the island of Nosy Iranja. Runners up in the competition have also won ten Nintendo® WiiTM and Nintendo® WiiTM Fits.

Leanne Martin, Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Senior Brand Manager says, “Skipping breakfast is still a big problem in South Africa. Kellogg is committed to tackling this issue by making breakfast fun and appealing to the little breakfast-skippers of this world by providing a range of cereal for kids providing a choice from a range of cereals for families. New Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Chocorillas brings a crispy, milk choc taste to the breakfast table, encouraging kids to sit down and enjoy the most important meal of the day.”

Similar to other Kellogg’s® Kids’ Cereals, Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Chocorillas is fortified with nine vitamins and iron, is low in fat, contains no preservatives or colourants, and when eaten with milk, provides kids with the added benefits of calcium.

Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Chocorillas will be hitting shelves nationwide in September and will be supported by a TV and in-store campaign. The distinctive purple box is available in a 375 gram pack.

Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® Chocorillas your children can enjoy the fun and adventure of Coco and the Gang whilst at the same time getting a great start to the day!

Slow burning energy from whole grain cereals!

image 284Nestlé, one of the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness companies, has recently introduced two of their international cereal brands to the South African market. All Nestlé cereals are made with whole grain, which makes them different from some other cereal brands. One of the key advantages of whole grain cereals is that they release slow-burning energy gradually throughout the morning to help keep your family going strong, whether it is in the classroom, sports field or in the office.

So what makes whole grain so special? While refined foods strip many nutrients from the grain, whole grain foods, like Nestlé CHEERIOS and MILO cereals, use the entire grain. This means all the goodness from the germ, the bran and the endosperm are used, so you don’t lose out on any nutrients. Whole grain foods also naturally contain essential proteins, fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and carbohydrates.

One of the new cereals launched is CHEERIOS. CHEERIOS originated in the USA about 70 years ago and globally, CHEERIOS is one of the most well-known breakfast cereal brands. The delicious little “O” shapes provide the goodness of four whole grains: Corn, Rice, Wheat and Oats all in one box. A bowl of delicious CHEERIOS is a nutritious breakfast for everyone, no matter how old they are.

image 285The MILO beverage has been a firm favourite in South African homes for many years and now your family can enjoy the much-loved MILO taste in the form of a breakfast cereal. A serving of MILO whole grain cereal can help you all to feel fuller for longer and perform at your best.

Nestlé whole grain cereals provide a healthy breakfast choice due to being low in total fat and saturated fat, high in complex carbohydrates, a good source of fibre, as well as vitamins and minerals. Look out for the wholegrain symbol on Nestlé breakfast cereals packaging. It’s your guarantee that you are giving your family the goodness of whole grain.

Give your family one of the best possible starts to the day with the goodness of whole grain. Nestlé recognises that a balanced diet and physical activity are essential to a healthy lifestyle and overall personal wellness. As such, Nestlé strives to provide information and products that contribute to healthy living. For further information please contact 086 009 6116.

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