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Preconception & Fitness

Exercise & Conceiving

Exercise while trying to become pregnant, jogging or aerobic classes will have no affect on your chances to be fertile.  If you haven’t exercise before pregnancy, consult your doctor first before starting with a program.  

As explained in other article, there are many benefits for exercising during pregnancy.  It is advisable that with a doctor’s examination and clearance, you may start with program at a low to moderate exercise program if you haven’t exercised prior to pregnancy.
Make sure you have a proper warm up, stretching routine; take lots of fluids before, during and after exercise and a proper cool down.  If any discomfort, pains, dizzy spells or bleeding starts you have to stop activity.

Emotional Factors

Trying to conceive you have to keep in mind that you have to follow a balanced diet, stop smoking and reduce stress levels.

Fertility declines as you get older, starting at early age of late twenties.  As you get older the percentage declines ever more.
Our bodies won’t let us ovulate if we have a food deficiency or extreme pressure or stress.  Foods that will help with fertility are fruit, vegetables, meats and fish.  They all have minerals like iron and zinc.  Zinc is very important for fertility.

That been said also try and have more relaxed times at home and in your busy schedule.  Messages are good for stress release and also regular exercise.  Spend more alone relaxed time with your partner.

Pregnancy and Age

Like you already now, becoming pregnant declines with age.  Becoming pregnant in woman of their early twenties is much easier if there are no medical conditions.  For ages early to mid-thirties will be 15-20%, ages mid to late thirties will be 50% and from early to mid forties will be over 90% less.

Reasons related to age is that change in quality and quantity occurs.  Woman produces a lot of eggs but estrogen production will slow down and pregnancy becomes less likely.
Also in a man, causing a pregnancy declines with 40% in his late thirties.

Smoking and Pregnancy

Woman that is smoking will take longer to conceive than non-smokers, almost 40% less.  Smoking during pregnancy can also lead to miscarriages.  Men that are smokers could result in impotence between ages 30% and 50% every year.

It is advisable to quit as soon as you have made the decision to become pregnant.  Quitting before will help your chances to become pregnant almost immediately.  Smoking during pregnancy will bring harm to your unborn child like, respiratory illness and decrease in proper weight for baby when born.  There are so many birth defects that could happen.  

Smoking may affect the release of egg before fertilization even the quality of egg and may result in miscarriage.

Before trying to conceive you would have to cut out alcohol, smoking, following healthy diet, exercise and life a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy mom, healthy baby and immune system.  Take vitamins and minerals.

Pre-conception Preparation

  • Consult with gynecologist and have a check-up.
  • If you are on the pill stop taking it.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and stop smoking (if smoking).
  • Flexibility, stability, posture, balance and cardio respiratory exercises are very important.
  • Take vitamins and minerals, enough folic acid, iron and vit B.
  • Get to proper weight.  
  • Consult with dietician if needed.
  • Cut down on excessive training and sports.
  • Cut down on stress and try and relax.
  • Check your menstrual cycle times.
  • Keep record of ovulation.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Have quality relaxed time with your partner.
  • Stay positive.


Fertility times starts one to two days before ovulation, lasts three days after you have ovulated.  When you ovulate your body releases an egg from ovary and goes through the fallopian tubes.  When egg is fertilized you are pregnant.

Signs to look for to know when you are ovulation starts:

You will have breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, vaginal discharges and position of cervix.  After your menstrual cycle a stick vaginal secretion is visible.  Prior to ovulation vaginal secretions are wet and slippery.  The most amount of vaginal discharge is on the day of ovulation and becomes thicker in consistency.  

In your most fertile time cervical position rises within your body and the opening gets larger and softer.  Start checking the cervical position after you have had your cycle with fingertips.  The position of the cervix will be easy reachable because it will be low.  You will feel a tiny hole and cervix will be closed and feel hard.  During this time you would not be fertile.

Before ovulation the hormone estrogen increases.  Cervix will then rise due to the increase of estrogen.  It will rise from low to mid to high.  It will then be difficult to reach and hole will become larger, opening increases and become softer.  At this time you will be highly fertile.  

Cervix remains high until ovulation.  Cervix returns to normal when estrogen lowers and progesterone is released.

For any medical questions please consult with your doctor.

Please see the following: