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Baby Naming

Most parents prefer to name their babies while they are still in the womb.  By using the name that you have chosen for your unborn child while you talk to her, just make the whole experience so much more real and subconsciously strengthens your bond with your baby.

There are hundreds of sites across the World Wide Web that attempts to give you the meaning of names, but ultimately you need to choose a name that you can relate to. Traditionally children had to carry forward the family names and the parents did not have much say in the matter. Nowadays the trend is to move away from traditional family names and to create your own by joining names.

It seems as if anything goes for boys’ names, while the trend in girls’ names is to end with an accented e that is pronounced as a y, e.g. Tune, Simone, Sune and Roane.

Daar is 'n paar faktore wat in ag geneem moet word wanneer pappa en mamma op ‘n Baba naam besluit:

a. Is familie name vir julle belangrik?

b. Is die betekenis van babatjie se naam belangrik?

c. Spel die naam maklik?

d. Is die naam verwarrend? Bv. Tristan kan maklik verwar word met Kristen.

e. Taal is belangrik – ‘n Afrikaanse gesin sal bv. ‘n Afrikaanse naam verkies.


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