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Egg Donor Confidentiality

Egg donation is kept anonymous and confidential.  Egg donors are treated with absolute respect and their details kept entirely confidential.  Upon being interested in egg donation, you may be asked for a picture of yourself.  This is just to match you up to a recipient. 

If you are uncomfortable with this, it is quite acceptable and you need not provide any picture.  Your picture will not be shown on any website and only used for purposes of making as good as match as possible.  We do not believe that egg donors should be selected like a shopping item.  Egg donation is a generous deed of the heart to help another couple. 

The egg donor may know the profile of the couple she is helping.  Similarly the donor’s profile will be communicated to the recipient.  There is never an exchange of names.  Baby2mom guarantees absolute confidentiality for all persons involved.

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