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How to child-proof your house

image 468More and more freak accidents are taking place in South Africa all the time. The tragic part is that most could have been easily prevented. It is essential to child-proof your house once you have children. There are professional services available in South Africa that come to your house, scan it for potential risks and child-proof it for you. Or you could do it yourself by following the simple guidelines below.

Medicines, household cleaning materials and other poisonous items should be kept in childproof containers where children cannot access them. They can cause poisoning and kill children within minutes.

Swimming pools are one of the leading causes of freak accidents involving children. Yet too many people are still careless when it comes to their swimming pools. Pools should always be covered and fenced off when not in use. When children swim, even if they are able swimmers, they should always be supervised by a responsible adult. Never leave small children alone or unattended in the bathroom either. They could drown in a few centimetres of water.


Cords attached to electrical appliances should not be left hanging where children can pull them and burn themselves. Cover unused electrical plug points with safety plugs to prevent children from pushing small items, or their fingers, into them and getting electrocuted.

Fires can be prevented by not leaving matches lying within reach of children. If possible, smoke detectors should also be installed in every room.

Glass objects and ornaments should not be kept at a level where children can reach and break them. Low-level windows and glass coffee tables should have safety glass in order to prevent injuries to children.

Staircases should have safety gates installed at the top and the bottom to prevent small children from climbing them and falling down.

Plastic bags are everywhere. Yet a small child could easily suffocate himself by pulling one over his head. Keep them out of reach.

Children should be taught not to tease animals and not to play with strange animals. Animal behaviour is unpredictable and they can cause grievous harm to children and adults alike. Pets should be kept healthy and free of parasites. Their food and water utensils should be washed separately from the household dishes and small children should not have access to pet bowls of food and water.

Following these rules will prevent freak accidents in your household. As children get bigger, one can explain to them why they should not do dangerous things like play with matches but it is always better not to let them have the opportunity to do so. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Specially written for by Sara Essop

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