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Teaching through Modelling

Teaching responsibility through Modelling

image 225Kids are born with an inordinate capacity to learn to do things the way big people do. They are like sponges – soaking everything up- all that they see and hear. It’s great when they soak up the good but be warned, they’re also sponges for the bad. Our improper words and actions hit home with the same force. If we have nothing but ridicule for the people in our working environment, our kids learn that sarcasm and ridicule are an acceptable way to talk to others. If we cheat at board games or when playing sports, then we cannot despair when our kids are caught out cheating at school. If dad’s idea of leisure time and fun is chilling out in front of the television with a six pack of beers, then he mustn’t be disgruntled when the children opt for playing T.V. games as opposed to participating in healthy outdoor activities.
They observe and attempt to copy what they see. Their prime interest is learning and doing things just like mom and dad do them.

Every kid learns nearly every interpersonal activity through modeling. The way they handle fighting, frustration, solving problems, interacting with other people, language, a healthy lifestyle etc., all comes from watching and listening to the big people in their lives. This thought is rather alarming!

In every home, parents must lead. If we want our kids to have self-control, then we must model it in front of them. If we want them to be responsible, then we must model that responsibility in dealing with them. If we want our kids to speak to us and treat us with respect, we the parents must speak to and treat them with respect.
Values are passed onto our kids in two ways: - by what our kids see and by what they experience in relating to us. When our kids see us being honest, they learn about honesty. When we talk to our children with love and respect, they learn to talk that way to others.

Our children do not always absorb our parental words of wisdom.

One thing we cannot tell our children is to “be responsible.” It simply doesn’t work.

Responsibility cannot be taught it must be caught.

Rose De Freitas
Go Parenting
Parenting Facilitator

Feel free to e-mail Rose with your questions or to find out more about her courses and workshops.


While parenting books and articles can be extremely resourceful, it is highly recommended that parents attend an effective parenting program with an experienced facilitator.
Too much information can be extremely overwhelming for parents, and it is very difficult to gauge the success of the new techniques being implemented. By attending workshops, the facilitator is able to monitor any misunderstanding or misuse of the concepts, tools and techniques provided in the parenting program.


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