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Stem cell storage

image 506Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming with all the planning for the new arrival as well as getting to know all the baby basics. Pregnancy is the happiest time of your life and expecting parents often do not think about immune disorders or blood diseases when expecting their little one.

For well over a decade it has been possible to store a baby’s umbilical cord stem cells for future medical use. In the past, the umbilical cord blood was discarded as medical waste. Nowadays, families are choosing to store the precious stems cells found in the umbilical cord for private use.

Stem cells are the original “building blocks” of life, the body’s original founder cells that make up the human body and have the ability to become different blood cell types. Blood found in the umbilical cord, at the birth of a baby, contains the purest form of stem cells, as they have not been exposed to any viruses or infections.

Currently there are over 70 blood related diseases and immune disorders being treated using umbilical cord blood stem cells, worldwide, including Leukaemia, Multiple myeloma Anaemia and Thalassemia. Today there are over 4000 clinical trials underway looking at new possibilities of using stem cells for medicinal treatments.

image 505Storing your baby’s cord blood privately ensures that these valuable stem cells are immediately available for your baby and family, should they need them. Your baby’s stem cells will always be a perfect match for them, and there is also a chance they could be a match for a sibling, parent or even a grandparent.

Umbilical cord blood and tissue is easily and painlessly collected after the birth of your baby without any risk to mom or baby. On the day of the birth, parents take their Salveo Collection Kit with them to the hospital to give to their doctor or midwife. All the instructions to sucessfully collect your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells and tissue, are already in the kit and only takes your care giver a few minutes to collect.

Salveo understands that becoming a new parent is a costly experience, which is why we have payment plans to make stem cell storage more attainable for all future parents and families in South Africa. To order a collection kit, parents can contact Salveo via email or phone.

image 507Why store your babies precious stem cells with Salveo?
Salveo South Africa is part of Salveo Biotechnology, a Swiss private state-of-the-art laboratory based in Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in the cryo-preservation of stem cells, cell culture and regenerative medicine.

Salveo globally has a high-tech platform made up of experts in regenerative medicine. Salveo Biotechnology is also present the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ukraine. Salveo has developed a dynamic and professional commercial network.

Salveo South Africa’s aim is to make cryopreservation more attainable to future parents whilst maintaining industry leading standards. To this end we leverage no compromise Swiss quality protocols and technology in a “SMART” way:

S: Sustainable Swiss quality
M: Medically approved Swiss protocol
A: Affordable, accessible, and credible
R: Repository of high international standards
T: Technologically advanced innovation

Cord blood banking is a gift you can only give once. For more information and to order your Salveo Cord Blood Collection kit, visit or us at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Salveo, The Science of Second Chances.



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