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Becoming One

Becoming and Egg Donor and/ or Surrogate:

Become an Egg Donor

Ladies of all races between 18 and 34.  The reason for this is egg donors must be in a position to consent to the egg donation programme (thus 18) and egg quality is deemed to deteriorate with age (thus the cut off of 35).

  • Ladies must be prepared to come off the contraceptive pill to be an egg donor. Guidance will be provided regarding alternative contraceptive methods and when exactly to stop taking the contraceptive pill.
  • Ladies who have been sterilised can be egg donors.
  • If ladies are married, spouse’s consent is required.
  • Ladies must be prepared to have internal examinations.
  • Healthy BMI - i.e. a healthy lady.

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If you would like to become an egg donor, please email us with your age, contraceptive details, next cycle, race, physical profile (hair colour, eye colour, height and weight), telephone numbers, email addresses and area where you live or complete or complete your profile on our online confidential form

Become a Surrogate

If you decide you would like to consider surrogacy as a gesture to another couple, you will have access to counselling before, during and after the surrogacy.  You will be put in touch with a couple and have an opportunity to decide if you would be comfortable forging a surrogacy relationship with them.
All surrogacy/ maternity and pregnancy associated costs will be covered by the intended parents.
Paying for surrogacy is illegal in South Africa, however surrogates may be compensated for loss of income earned and agree on a donation from the couple.

Aspects to discuss when meeting a potential parent couple will include type of birth, doctors' consultation, when the baby is handed over, compiling a contract, etc.  These aspects will however be facilitated by a psychologist.  Please contact me for additional info.


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