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Toddler 12-24 Months

Toddler is a common term for a young child who is learning to walk or "toddle", generally considered to be the second stage of development after infancy and before childhood occurring predominantly during the ages of 12 to 36 months old, according to the Wikipedia. During this period, the child learns a great deal about social roles and develops motor skills; to toddle is to walk unsteadily.

It is common for some toddlers to master certain skills (such as walking) well before other skills (like talking). Even close siblings can vary greatly in the time taken to achieve each key milestone.

This age is sometimes referred to as 'the terrible twos', because of the temper tantrums for which they are famous. This stage can begin as early as nine months old depending on the child and environment. The toddler is discovering that they are a separate being from their mother or caregiver and are testing their boundaries in learning the way the world around them works. Thus it is very important for the caregiver to be consistent with boundaries and discipline for the child’s safety and her sanity.

Most children are toilet trained while they are toddlers. Around 18 months, the toddler's vocabulary will greatly increase, and he or she may learn as many as 7-9 new words a day.

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