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First day at the daycare

Back to work: Your baby's first visit to the daycare

Make a Practice Run to Day Care

Gather all your things for work, including your baby's day-care bag, pack up the car and take a trip to day care. Make sure that you allow enough time in the morning to drive to your baby's care facility, get your baby settled into day care, and then drive to work. If you run through this routine at least once before returning to work you will be better prepared for the "real thing."

Have Your Baby Stay with the Caregiver

Plan to have your baby stay with your caregiver for a few hours each day, for about a week before you have to return to work, to help ease the transition for you and baby. Not only will this ease the transition for your baby and get her used to a new atmosphere, it will give you a little time to get organized during the day and adjust to time away from your baby.

Ask for daily reports from your caregiver and take notice of your child's behavior and temperament when you pick her up. If she seems particularly fussy or consistently out of character from her usual moods, you may have to find another care provider, but remember that it will take her some time to adjust.


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