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Staying At Home vs Working

image 85Mothers that work fultime in the office have to face the challenges that balancing work and family brings.  They often have feelings of guilt for not spending enought time with their child and may even feel that the normal developmental hurdles that children face, are because they do not spend enough time. Mothers may feel that they have failed at motherhood or at least are inadequate to be a mom. 

Mothers that work part time or half a day may feel that they are failing both on their professional careers, as well as at motherhood, because they just don't have enough time during the day to pay adequate attention to either one.

Mothers that have decided to give up their careers altogether and stay at home to raise their child might miss the intellectual fulfulment that a career offers.  Another down side is the fact that you will now be financially dependant on someone else and might even feel guilty for not contributing financially to the family.

Working from home is an option that Moms can investigate and it is best to do that before going on maternity leave.

In the end the best choice for you will depend on your unique family situation, and there is no choice that is more right or more wrong, although you will often find that woman at the two ends of the spectrum look down on each other's life choice. 

Five Parenting Tips for Working Moms

1.) Finding that perfect nanny

Finding the right babysitter or daycare is very important to any working mother. The feeling of leaving your child with someone whom you do not trust can be devastating. So spend some time and interview as many nannies as possible or visit as many daycare facilities as possible.

2.) Learn to balance your work and family life

If you do not have the liberty to take up a part-time job, stop blaming yourself for not spending enough time with your family and make the most of the time that you do have together.  If you can afford it, get a domestic worker to assist with the housework in order for you to have time in the evening to spend with your family.
3.) Make the most of your time with your child

Try and make the most of the free time you do have with your child to make memories. Try some of the following:
a.) Plan an outing. Take your kid to a favorite location like the zoo or a park with a play area for the kids.
b.) Come up with a home project that gets something off your list, but is also fun for your child. Getting the front flower beds in order is a great excuse to make mud pies at the same time.
c.) Combine errands with going to a movie or visiting the mall. You know your child needs school clothes. They just know they’re out with Mom having fun.

And don’t forget to take pictures. Digital cameras make it easy to snap instant memories. Put the pictures up on the refrigerator or some place clearly visible. It reinforces the idea that when Mom isn’t working, we’re doing something fun.

4.) Learn to Accept Help

Many Moms, especially first time Moms, feel they should be able to do it all. The real goal is to achieve the correct balance so you are the best mother and employee that you can be. (And taking care of yourself.) Trying to “do it all” will only leave you so exhausted that no aspect of your life is well served. There is nothing wrong is asking for help or accepting help that is offered to you.

By balancing your energy for all the different roles in your life, you will do better at keeping up and far less likely to lose patience with your child for no good reason.

5.) Don’t Feel Guilty, You’re Doing Your Best

Guilt won’t help you juggle your life and will, in fact, make the balance you crave more difficult to attain. All anyone can ask of you, including your child, is that you do your best. Often a trade off just isn’t possible, especially if you are a single mother. If you don’t work, you can’t give your child everything he or she needs. It’s not an issue of being selfish; you’re being practical.

As a working mother you face huge challenges, but don't forget that you also have enormous strengths. Work on these strengths and you will be a great parent to your child.

Article adopted from the article by : Rana Williamson     
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