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Baby Showers

Baby Shower Event Planner
The history of baby showers goes back many years and is traditionally a time when friends and family bring gifts to help the proud new mother and, although this was not originally the time for a party, today a baby shower provides an opportunity to truly celebrate the value of the family.

Originally the baby shower was held when a newborn reached about one month of age and was often timed to coincide with a baby's christening. However, over the years tradition has changed not only in terms of the format for a shower, but also in terms of its timing and today it is common to hold baby showers to celebrate the imminent arrival of the child.

Another important change we see today, which in part reflects changes in the modern family unit, is that baby showers are no longer the preserve of women but are also often attended by men.
A baby shower is a significant event in a mother’s life and one which should be memorable for both the mother and her friends and family. For this reason, it is important to start your planning early and that means thinking about such things as invitations and the favors which the guests will take away as a memento of the day. Buying or making invitations means looking carefully at appropriate designs and also concentrating on the wording for baby shower invitations. Choosing favors also means deciding whether you should buy them in or make your own baby shower favors, perhaps making them uniquely personalized.

Next you will want to think about decorations for the party and, once again, whether you should simply buy these in or think about using home made baby shower decorations. And do not forget too those all important party games, because no baby shower these days is complete without some unique and different part shower games.

Finally, you will want to plan ahead when it comes to your cake and here it is a good idea to look at several baby shower cake designs to see just which one will suit the occasion best.
Don't forget that if you cannot make it to a shower, or are lost for gift ideas, then you can always pick up some great specialty newborn baby gift baskets

Adapted from: Parenting for dummies

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