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Extraordinary Mom

5 Qualities Of An Extraordinary Mom

With South Africa celebrating National Womens day on 9 August, we decided to share our extraordinary Mom article with you:

At first I debated about even writing this piece. I will tell you why, I think that as moms, we are to hard on ourselves. It is too easy for us to overlook all the good that we do, the things that we accomplish and the impact that we have on the people around us, especially our new baby. So, the goal of this piece is to teach you to look no further than inside yourself to see the qualities of an extraordinary mom.

There are no two moms that raise children the exact same way or handle life the exact same way, and there is nothing wrong with your way. The best thing you can do right now is STOP looking at other moms to see what they are doing and take a good look at you and what it is you do.

Tip One:
Acceptance of who you are as a human, a woman, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a mother. There are traits and characteristics that you have that no one else on this Earth has. Cherish those, embrace those. One of the qualities you are going to want to pass on to your child is self love and acceptance; to pass it on, you must have it first. Be happy with who you are.

Tip Two:
Affirmations on slips of paper. I want you to write down what is that you think make an extraordinary mom. Take those qualities and make an affirmation out of it, so if you think that 'understanding' is a quality write 'I am understanding,' and tape it to the mirror, carry it in your pocket, post it on the fridge and every time you see it, say it to yourself, close your eyes and really think that statement.

The key to you being the extraordinary mom you already are is that you have to believe it about yourself. Affirmations will help you with that.

Tip Three:

Celebrate all the milestones as your baby develops, big and small. It is so easy to get side-tracked just caring for your baby, that often new mothers forget to cherish the magical moments each day.

Keep a journal to record something special your baby does each day and make a big point of focusing on some new experience, or learning either of you have. Perhaps one day you'll write about how delighted your baby was with a new food they ate, and perhaps another day you'll reflect on how much patience you felt you showed during a tough moment.

Tip Four:
Pamper yourself regularly. You spend so much time doing things for every one else, it is time that you do something for you. This is the one quality that I am sure all of us lack in to some extent.

Many of us end up feeling guilty if we do pamper ourselves because it feel like there are five hundred other things that we should've been doing. Guess what, the world will not end if you give yourself five, ten, fifteen, twenty, ooohhh even thirty minutes. Get a facial, take a bath, go tanning, buy a new lotion, paint your toenails! If you do not take the time to care for yourself you can't really care for anyone else.

Tip Five:
Ask for help. I know you are thinking that asking for help admits weakness. On the contrary, asking for help shows strength. You need help everyone once in a while so ask for it. Being able to admit that you are not perfect and can't do everything all on your own, is extraordinary.

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