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Risks I.R.O. Egg Donation


  • The egg retrieval process is not dangerous.
  • The medication does have slight side effects in that it makes you a little irritable, sometimes tearful.  One can feel bloated almost as if you are about to have a period. Some donors seem to breeze through with very little side affects, others seem to feel it more. Drinking a lot of water helps to minimise any discomfort.  The egg retrieval process may make egg donors feel a little bloated and uncomfortable for a few days, but as each day goes by it will get better and by the time your next menses arrive you should be back to normal again.  This should happen 10 days to 2 weeks after you have had the eggs removed.
  • Egg donation is not harmful to your own fertility.  Neither do any of the drugs have a lasting side effect nor do they do any damage to your ovaries.  In fact nothing that we do will compromise your fertility, however you need to understand there are other underlying reasons for infertility; for example blocked tubes, poor sperm count, and we could never assure you that later on you may not have a problem with something like that as we are only focused on your ovaries at this point.
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