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Entertaining a Pre-Schooler

Entertain a Preschooler

Trying to keep a preschooler entertained can be tough. The task can be especially daunting when you are dealing with siblings and other day to day chores.

The trick to keeping a preschooler entertained to is understand what they like to do, and then finding ways to make the most out of those likes and dislikes. With a little bit of effort, there is no limit to what you and your preschooler can learn together.

Explore the neighborhood.

Up until now, he has seen the world through a stroller or baby carrier, but he has had little opportunity to see things at ground level. So strap on your walking shoes and let him be the guide around your neighborhood. He will marvel at all the rocks, trees, bugs and flowers. Pack plenty of snacks and water, and bring along the stroller just in case he wants to hitch a ride on the way back home.

Sing to him.

Kids love music, so start belting out your favorite tune and watch him start to sing and dance to the beat. It doesn't matter how good your singing is, as long as both of you are having fun together.

Let him play in the kitchen.

There are several opportunities to entertain a preschooler in the kitchen. Let him have his own cabinet full of plastic bowls and lids, in which to play with. Pots and pans and plastic spoons are another hit with this age group. So let him have her fun in the kitchen, while you prepare dinner or do dishes.

Let him check himself out.

If you want to entertain a preschooler for an extended period of time, put him in front of a mirror and let him watch himself at play. He will be amazed at his image, and love making funny faces at himself in the mirror. Play along with him to see who can make the funniest face.

Curl up and read a good book.

Let him pick a favorite book and then curl up together to read it. After you have finished the story, hand the book over to him and let him read it to you. It may just be gibberish, but he will love acting like a grownup.
Switch out his toys.

Toy boredom is sure to set in with any child, so stash some of his toys in a closet and switch them out ever so often so that he has something new and exciting to play with. You can keep some of his Christmas or birthday presents in storage as well, and then open them up throughout the year to keep him entertained.

By : Sarah Jones    

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