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Laissez-Faire Parents

Ineffective Parenting Techniques:
Laissez-Faire Parents. (Literally meaning “allow to do.”)

image 225Another lesser parenting type worth mentioning, is what we call the laissez-fair, (live and let live) parent.
These parents for one reason-or-another, whether it’s because they are unsure of how to handle their children, or have become confused by the variety of parenting options and advise –decide, instead, to let their children raise themselves.

Some have bought into the theory that children are inherently born with the ability to rule themselves.  If the parent’s just stay out of the way, they will, with time and opportunity, eventually grow into successful and creative people.
Other’s believe that they should be their child’s best friend, and that far more important that teaching the child any form of self-discipline or character, they need to rather preserve their relationship.
Other parents feel guilty about having to work out of the home, therefore, spending less “quantity” time with their children. Rather than holding their kids accountable for their actions, they simply let them run free, in the hope that responsibility will rub off on them during the right “quality” moments.
Still, others don’t know what to do anymore, so they just give up trying.

We would like to emphasize that; in fact, this is not really a parenting type but a misunderstanding of parenting responsibilities or simply a cop-out.

Rose De Freitas
Go Parenting
Parenting Facilitator

Feel free to e-mail Rose with your questions or to find out more about her courses and workshops.


While parenting books and articles can be extremely resourceful, it is highly recommended that parents attend an effective parenting program with an experienced facilitator.
Too much information can be extremely overwhelming for parents, and it is very difficult to gauge the success of the new techniques being implemented. By attending workshops, the facilitator is able to monitor any misunderstanding or misuse of the concepts, tools and techniques provided in the parenting program.

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