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Ideal age between kids

image 92Ultimately the “best” age gap between kids is a personal decision that is often influenced by circumstances such as infertility, miscarriage or an unplanned pregnancy.

Women who have had caesareans are often advice by doctors to wait at least six months to a year before trying for another baby.  This allows time for the scar to heal and the mother to recover from the surgery.

Psychologists recommend at least a three year interval between births.  This is because the child is engaged in a process of “individuation-separation” during the first three years of life.  This means that he is learning to function separately from his mother and to face difficulties on his own.  The birth of a new baby while he is still busy with this process may threaten his sense of security and he may develop permanent personality changes such as increased dependency.

Other experts also warn that should you have your next baby too soon, e.g. 12 months apart or less, the first sibling is forced to become independent too quickly since more attention is focused on the new arrival.  In the process the first child might develop emotional issues and feel rejected by mom.  Therefore an age gap of at least 18 months is often recommended.

Financially it might also make a lot of sense to increase the age gap and in doing so spread the expenses of school fees and clothing a bit.

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