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Egg Donation

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baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme

baby2mom was started in 2007 in an attempt to assist couples battling with fertility treatment.  It is a very emotionally challenging aspect to ask for such intimate help from an egg donor or from a surrogate. 

baby2mom applauds and blesses all persons who may be interested in becoming an egg donor or becoming a surrogate.  You are an angel and can make dreams come true.  Because of you, someone can be told if because of the generous and kind help of a special being, you have a chance of becoming pregnant and fulfiling your family and wishes. 

baby2mom is dedicated to assisting people conceive through egg donation in South Africa and South African surrogacy programmes. 

Why Do Couples Need Egg Donors?

Couples need to participate on egg donor programmes/ egg donation programmes for various reasons to enable them to conceive and carry a child:

  • Early onset of menopause – this can happen even in a lady’s teen for no reason at all. In this case, she stops having periods and her body takes on the functioning as if in menopause. She therefore has no hormones and no eggs and so desperate for the help of a generous egg donor.
  • Indications of early menopause – the situation may not be as severe as the above, but egg quality may still be poor.
  • Ladies are not ovulating.
  • Exposure to auto immune diseases may kill eggs.
  • Cancer treatments may harm remaining eggs.
  • Genetic diseases that carry over in eggs.
  • And more reasons…

Why do Couples Need Surrogates?

  • Premature hysterectomy
  • Ladies cannot carry a pregnancy
  • On chronic medication that is not safe for a pregnancy
  • Health may be compromised
  • Cancer treatment may be compromised by woman taking oestrogen, so need a surrogate
  • Other possible reasons

Let's look at all the aspects of the donation:



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