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New Lifegain Junior nutritional support for ill children

image 510It is an anxious time for everyone when a child is ill. The young one questions what is wrong and needs reassurance. Parents are concerned about their ability to protect their offspring and do the best for them. Then there are nights of disturbed sleep, trips to the doctor, possible hospital stays and other breaks to routines.

New Lifegain Junior is a high quality nutritional supplement in a shake format designed for such a time. The formulation offers nutritional support to provide children from three to 12 years with additional proteins (soy, milk and whey protein), essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is gentle on the system so it is easy to take if children are in a weakened physical state or unable to eat.

Lifegain Junior
is sugar, cholesterol, trans fatty acids and lactose free, but is not suitable for children with soy or milk protein allergy. Healthy children can enjoy Lifegain Junior as a nutritional supplement to support overall optimum nutrition and overall health and well being.

Lifegain Junior is:

  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • High in protein
  • High in energy
  • A source of zinc
  • A source of iron
  • High in fibre as packed

Many nutrients have been researched for their health properties:

  • Omega fatty acids may support brain function and provide immune support.
  • Energy provision in the daily diet is important for sustained energy during a straining day. Consuming adequate energy may also protect and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Zinc may offer immune function, enzyme function and anti-viral support.
  • Iron supports red blood cell production.
  • Fibre provides support for the healthy functioning of the digestive tract and the absorption and removal of toxins. Fibre can also assist in providing a more sustained release of energy.

Serving instructions:
Serving size = 15g (one level scoop). Take one serving a day or as prescribed by a healthcare professional. Add 15g (one level scoop) of powder to 100ml of milk or water and blend, shake or stir, mixing until the powder is dissolved. Suitable for children from the age of three to 12 years.

Available from Dischems and selected pharmacies at R135 for a 300g tin (20 servings).

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Lifegain Junior nutritional information

NUTRIENT Unit Per 100g product as packed Per 15g/115ml serving with water
Energy kJ 1640 246
Protein g 51 8
Glycaemic Carbohydrates g 12 2
of which total sugar g 8 1
Total fat g 15 2
of which Saturated fat g 2 0.4
Trans fatty acids g 0 0.0
Polyunsaturated fatty acids g 9 1.4
of which Omega-3 fatty acids mg 1325 198.8
of which ALA mg 1324 198.6
of which EPA mg 1 0.2
of which Omega 6 Fatty Acids g 8 1.1
Monounsaturated fatty acids g 3 0.5
Cholesterol mg 0 0
Dietary Fibre^ g 11 2
Total Sodium mg 155 23
Vitamin A µg RE 890.0 133.5
Vitamin B1 mg 2.5 0.4
Vitamin B2 mg 1.8 0.3
Vitamin B3 mg 16.7 2.5
Vitamin B5 mg 5.3 0.8
Vitamin B6 mg 2.0 0.3
Vitamin B12 µg 2.3 0.3
Biotin µg 29.1 4.4
Folic Acid µg 400.9 60.1
Vitamin C mg 97.1 14.6
Vitamin D µg 14.6 2.2
Vitamin E mg α-TE 14.7 2.2
Calcium mg 783.1 117.5
Chromium µg 53.0 8.0
Copper mg 0.5 0.1
Iodine µg 145.7 21.9
Iron mg 21.8 3.3
Magnesium mg 253.9 38.1
Manganese mg 1.4 0.2
Phosphorus mg 772.0 115.8
Potassium mg 1218.8 182.8
Selenium µg 26.8 4.0
Zinc mg 16.5 2.5
Alanine g 1.9 0.3
Arginine g 2.7 0.4
Aspartate g 3.5 0.5
Carnitine mg 147.0 22.1
Cystine g 0.7 0.1
Glutamate g 6.5 1.0
Glutamine g 0.3 0.0
Glycine g 1.4 0.2
Histidine g 1.5 0.2
Isoleucine g 2.4 0.4
Leucine g 4.8 0.7
Lysine g 3.4 0.5
Methionine g 0.9 0.1
Phenylalanine g 2.1 0.3
Proline g 2.3 0.3
Serine g 2.2 0.3
Threonine g 2.0 0.3
Tryptophan g 0.8 0.1
Tyrosine g 1.6 0.2
Valine g 2.3 0.3
Taurine g 0.4 0.1
Soy Isoflavones mg 133 20

Typical Nutritional Information only applicable to product when mixed with water.
Source of Typical Nutritional Information and Ingredient content claims values is analytical and calculated.
# Nutrient Reference Value for individuals 4 years and older
* No NRV established

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