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Fun And Stress-Free Potty Training Techniques

Potty training can be a very big challenge especially for first time parents. You will be wondering if you are doing the right thing to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible. Going to the potty is part of the natural development of a child, and it should be fun and interesting so that stress between you and your toddler will be kept to a minimum. In this article, I would like to share with you some simple potty training techniques that you can adopt so that your child's experience will be a fun and exciting one.

Potty training dolls are excellent tools in helping children to overcome any fears or unwillingness with regards to going potty. These are dolls which drink from his or her baby bottle and will piddle on his or her potty. You can purchase them at your local toy store. These dolls usually come with a number of items like removable clothing, disposable diapers, potty chair, bottle and pacifier. Use it to talk to your toddler and explain the whole process to your child in a step-by-step manner. This will help them to be less frightened and anxious about the whole training experience.

Making toilet training a game where your toddler loves to engage in it is one of the potty training techniques that you can consider. Try putting a few drops of blue food coloring in the toilet and show your child that the color turns green when he or she pees! You can also purchase or make toilet targets to teach your child to aim. A cereal such as Cheerios are a cheap alternative and work just as well.

Potty training charts and stickers are also great motivational tools that keep your toddler interested in it. Start by putting stickers on the chart for sitting on the potty. After a while, give stickers only when your child uses the potty. Finally, offer a small toy as a reward for 3 accident free days or when they complete a chart.

Stories, videos and DVDs about going potty are also a fun and educational way to introduce toilet training to your child. Videos and DVDs feature cartoons that explain the process in a fun and an interesting way. Many of these books are interactive. It is also another good way of adding fun to the whole toilet training experience.

Before your child starts the training, start thinking about other possible potty training techniques that will work for both you and your child, so that it can be more fun and less stressful. With a proper game plan and proven techniques behind it, your child will be trained in no time.

By : Miriam Boh    

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