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Tales From the Marula Tree

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Tales From the Marula Tree picture 2553
Tales From the Marula Tree picture 2553
  • Every evening at sunset the troop of baboons climb to the top of the big Marula tree.
  • It is their favourite tree to sleep in.
  • They clamber around looking for a comfortable spot.
  • It takes a while for everyone to settle down, but eventually even Aunt Mangy has found the perfect branch for her tired body.
  • All is quiet.
  • The baboons are waiting for the evening star to appear.
  • Who will be the first to see the star tonight?
  • “There it is!” cries one of the little ones.
  • As soon as the star has appeared, a little voice begs: “Please tell us a story!” “Yes , a story, a story!” it echoes in the brances.
  • An omnibus with fifteen highly original and entertaining animal stories.

Author: Leon De Villiers

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