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How to encourage a positive attitude in your child

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Do you ever worry about the effect the outside world can have on your child’s outlook on life? We all want our children to feel able to adopt a positive attitude as they grow and start figuring out who they are. This not only helps them in later life but also has an impact on how they progress through those all-important developmental years. As children are extremely aware of their surroundings, it’s important to start helping them to appreciate the good things in the world around them. There are lots of fun activities that can help with this, and making just a few of them part of your daily routine could make all the difference

1. Use positive language
Many people don’t realise it, but using certain words can have a negative impact on children. With this in mind, try to avoid saying things like ‘you can’t’, ‘that’s wrong’, and ‘that’s a mistake’ to your little one – the phrasing encourages them to focus solely on what they’ve done wrong. Instead, try to use encouraging phases such as ‘good try’, ‘keep trying’ and ‘better luck next time’. Adjusting the language that you use could help your children take a brighter, more optimistic view of their actions and mimic some of these positive phrases in their daily conversations.

2. Recognise positive actions and events
This exercise is a great one to introduce at either the beginning or end of the day. In the morning, get your child to tell you one thing they would like to achieve that day or something that they are looking forward to. Alternatively, at the end of the day, encourage them to talk about something positive that they achieved and what they hope to accomplish tomorrow. Getting into the routine of recognising positive events and actions is a great way to start or end the day!

3. Help them express themselves
Self-expression is a great way to generate positivity and boost self-esteem. Examples of this could be painting, keeping a journal or playing an instrument. All of these activities provide an outlet for your child’s emotions and help them start to harness their creative skills, find out what their strengths are and showcase their talents.

4. Get them to appreciate their surroundings
Bring your child into the present by getting them to take a moment to appreciate their surroundings. With so many distractions around, this simple activity is often overlooked. It could be exploring different flowers and aspects of nature in the garden or getting them to decorate their bedroom. Get them to observe and comment on what is around them and you’ll soon see them start to develop a positive relationship with their surroundings.

5. Gentle exercise
A little exercise can do wonders for your child’s mental state and release endorphins, which are sure to stimulate positive energy. Activities such as yoga and swimming can promote calm and relaxation, so that your child can focus on positive thoughts.
So there we have it, a selection of fun activities for kids to help keep them on the path to positive thinking. Making a conscious effort to incorporate these practices into their everyday lives is sure to pay off for years to come!

Photo by Mindy Gerecke

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