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Your child will usually start teething between five and ten months, although teething may occur earlier or later than that. During the teething process, the front teeth usually appear first and the back teeth last. This can be a painful and uncomfortable experience for your baby as the teeth must literally tear through the gums.

Babies tend to cry more than usual while teething and their sleep may be interrupted due to the pain. They are often grumpy and irritable and may have a loss of appetite. Often babies who are teething will chew on objects and begin to bite in order to speed up the teething process. This may be concern for parents as the baby might swallow an object that is being chewed on. Aside form the babies discomfort, teething is often a difficult time for parents as their babies cry more frequently and sleep less.



Before a tooth appears, the child may cry, be irritable, and sleep and eat poorly. The child may drool, have red and tender gums, and chew constantly on food and objects during tooth eruption. During teething, the child may have a mildly elevated temperature (below  38° C). Children who have higher temperatures and those who are especially fussy should be evaluated by a doctor because these symptoms are not due to teething.


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