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Stomach Cramps

A cramping sensation felt in one’s abdominal area is a relatively common symptom experienced by many people. The pain experienced may vary from mild to severe as there are many possible causes. Your intestines are made up smooth muscle which contracts and relaxes in a wave like motion known as peristalsis. Peristalsis occurs without you being aware of it and under normal circumstances you won’t even feel the muscles contracting. However, just as the muscles in your foot may spasm or cramp, the muscles in your intestines may also cramp and spasm.

The most common cause of spasms in your intestines is a blockage or interruption of the normally smooth and regular peristalsis. A trapped pocket of gas causes cramping as your intestines attempt to move the gas forward. Constipation may also cause cramping as the intestines struggle to move its contents forward. Any strain placed on the intestines may also cause them to cramp, for example diarrhoea, excessive alcohol intake, or a large, fatty meal.

Cramps and spasms typically do not last long but they may return if the cause has not been corrected. Recurring cramps and spasms may also be caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Other organs which may cause cramping like pains when blocked are your ureters, which are the tubes attaching your kidneys to your bladder, and your cystic duct which is attached to your gall bladder. Gall stones and kidney stones may become lodged in your ureters or in your cystic duct. When this happens the tubes are blocked, pressure builds up and the tubes are stretched. This results in extreme cramping pain which may last thirty minutes to five hours before subsiding. If you are still experiencing cramping pains after four days then you should consult a healthcare practitioner as there may be a blockage or disease that requires treatment.



Cramps and pain on the tummy.


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