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Nose bleeds

Nose bleeds can be a frightening experience. The membranes lining your nose are very thin and have a rich network of arteries in them. Mild trauma/injury to the inside of your nose may therefore easily cause bleeding.

The most common causes of a nose bleed are trauma due to insertion of an object or finger. In severe nose bleeds, the blood may run down the throat and cause nausea and vomiting as it enters the stomach or it may enter the lungs. It is therefore advisable that the head is held forward and not backwards during a nose bleed. The will encourage the flow of blood out the nose rather than back into the throat. If an infection is severe enough, it may also cause a nose bleed and frequent blowing of one’s nose can place pressure on the membranes, causing the nose to bleed. Chemical irritation and damage to the nasal linings can cause bleeding from the nose. External trauma, such as a blow to the face which fractures or breaks your nose, will most likely cause a nose bleed.

There are diseases that may cause or result in a tendency to nose bleeds. These include high blood pressure, (high pressure in the arteries places strain on the arteries, and because the blood vessels in the nose are numerous and their protection is minimal, they may be prone to bursting), bleeding disorders (these increase the amount and duration of a bleed, so a small trauma to the nose or even blowing the nose may elicit a large amount of bleeding when only a couple of drops of blood should have appeared). Blood thinning drugs may have a similar effect as bleeding disorders.

Occasionally, individuals have nose bleeds with no underlying cause. They may simply be more susceptible to nose bleeds. A nose bleed that will not stop bleeding may be a problem, and any one experiencing recurrent and frequent nose bleeds should consult a healthcare practitioner to rule out any underlying diseases.


Bleeding from the nose.


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