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Headaches are complicated and common occurrences. The causes of headaches are so vast that determining the cause may prove to be quite a challenging task. The causes range from benign (not harmful) unexplained headaches to headaches with a more serious, potentially life threatening causes.

The type of headache experienced and the duration and intensity of the pain as well as other symptoms are often helpful in determining the cause. Tension headaches typically occur over one or both eyes and do not usually last longer than a couple of hours. Sinus headaches are often made worse by changes in position and there is typically moderate to severe pain over the sinuses at the same time. Eyestrain, allergies, hayfever and dehydration all cause headaches. Certain foods may cause headaches, such as dairy, caffeine and chocolate.

Migraines are extremely severe and debilitating headaches which may last up to twenty four hours and may be so severe they may cause nausea and vomiting and a person may pass out as a result of the pain. Constipation may cause a headache as a result of the inefficient elimination of waste material and the subsequent accumulation of toxins in the blood stream. Liver disease may result in headaches for similar reasons to constipation. If the liver is not functioning properly then toxins accumulate in the blood stream.

Fever, muscular tension in the neck and back, medications, emotional shock, high blood pressure, depression and stress are all common causes of headaches. Hormone fluctuations, especially in women during their menstrual cycle, during menopause and during pregnancy can result in headaches, as can hormonal related illnesses such hypothyroidism.

Severe infections, such as meningitis and encephalitis cause severe headache. If you have a headache that has not eased within twenty four hours then please consult your healthcare practitioner.



Pain in your head.



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