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Ear Ache

Your ear is divided into three sections, namely your inner, middle and outer ear. An infection in any one of these three parts of your ear can result in inflammation and swelling as well as an accumulation of fluid (like pus). An infection in any part will cause pain, however you will not be able to tell which part of the ear the pain is coming from. The pain may vary from mild to severe depending on the extent of the infection and pressure build up. Other causes of pain to the ears involved some sort of physical trauma or damage to the ear.

The ear drum is a thin membrane that lies between your middle and external ear. Damage to this membrane is commonly referred to as a burst ear drum. A burst ear drum can be caused by an object being lodged or inserted into the ear (like and ear bud) or a change in pressure. Scuba divers may pop their ear drum if they descend or ascend too quickly underwater as this does not allow the chambers inside their ears enough time to equalise with the pressure of the water.

A middle ear infection may cause a fluid accumulation in the middle ear which puts pressure on the ear drum and may as a result, burst the membrane. Ear infections may be caused by bacteria and may also result in headaches, fever and swollen lymph nodes. If your ear ache has not eased with in twenty four hours then it is advisable to consult a healthcare practitioner.




Pain inside the ear.



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