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image 248The Zaky® is the award-winning bonding, therapeutic, and positioning pillow, ergonomically designed to help the baby feel comfortable and protected while assisting parents and their children feel closer to each other.

It is a soft but weighed pillow, partially filled - so that it comforms to the baby's body - that imitates the look, feel, weight, scent, and warmth of the parents’ hand and forearm. It assures proper positioning, helps with pain management and sleep, provides a sense of protection, and assists with the physical and psychological development of the child.

It is arguably the most loving and useful gift for infants (baby shower presents, healthy, premature or ill babies), toddlers, and special needs children of any age, size, or medical condition.

  • Scent it with your own scent - place it on the chest for a night or with a drop of perfume/after-shave
  • Warm it - in the dryer or towel warmer for a few minutes
  • Wash/Dry it - in the washing bag provided
  • Control the weight and firmness - by shifting the filling

image 250It is all about feeling safe, loved, and protected:  When moms are pregnant, babies get four basic needs met from the womb: oxygen (breathing), warmth, nutrition, and protection.  The lack of at least one of the first three is life threatening.  At birth, babies that cannot do the first three on their own, they will get assistance from a machine (life support): if the baby cannot breath he is hooked up to a ventilator, if he cannot get warm he is placed in an incubator, and if he cannot eat he would have an IV or a feeding tube.

Lack of PROTECTION, however, is not life-threatening but it is extremely important for his development. Protection, when not given by the womb, comes best from the touch, voice, boundaries, warmth, and scent given by the mother and father. No matter the size of the baby, he cannot comfort or position himself at birth, nor he is able to feel protected on his own – Contrary to popular believe, a baby is unable to "manipulate" the parents - sometimes all the baby needs is a hug and a touch that means "you are not alone".

image 251When the baby is not being held, The Zaky simulates the hands by weighing 500 grams, while providing boundaries, comfort, a soothing hand,allowing the baby to feel and a sense of protection 24/7.
The Zaky saves you money by replacing many other products:  Why buy one product for each purpose if the Zaky covers them all?

Here is what you could buy if you have a product for each purpose:

  • positioning or nesting
  • bonding aid
  • therapeutic hold
  • a safety positioning product for the car seat, stroller,
  • a other transitional item that, in cases, are unsafe for the baby (i.e, beanybabies(R) and other stuffed animals are for children 3 years or more
  • a products that can be warmed for comfort (i.e, colic babies, etc.)
  • a pillow for positioning the baby while breast-feeding laying down 
  • a positioning aid for infant massage

The Zaky Is Used By:

  • Children of working or traveling parentsimage 255
  • Colicky and uncomfortable babies that constantly want to be held
  • Healthy and/or full-time babies at home, child-care facilities, and pre-schools
  • Premature babies weighing 1lb or more, and children undergoing medical procedures
  • Small babies in car seats, strollers, bouncy seats, etc., to keep proper and safe positioning
  • Children of any age with special needs
  • Long-term hospitalization away from each other (i.e., cancer, burn, therapy, rehab, etc)
  • Grandparents who want to send a hug to their grandchildren
  • Children at adoption centers and foster-care homes
  • Gift to employees/clients with new babies with a card that says: “Now it is our turn to give you a hand™”
  • As gifts for baby showers – it is the most unique and useful baby gift in the market today   

Recommended By:

  • Mothers, fathers, friends, and family
  • Pediatricians, neonatologists, surgeons
  • Neonatal, transport, infection control nurses
  • Early childhood development specialists
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Certified passenger safety technicians
  • Child care professionals
  • Infant massage therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Parents of children with special needs
  • And many others

image 252

Key Benefits and Features of The Zaky®:

Recommended by Experts

Mothers and family members, neonatologists, pediatricians, psychologists, surgeons, obgyns, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, infant massage therapists, developmental specialists, ergonomists, used in NICUs since 2001, used at homes and child care facilities since 2004.

Made with no chemicals, and breathable, antipilling, antiallergenic, extra soft microfleece, polyester lining with three reinforced seams. The filling is antifungal, antimicrobial and does not get hot/warm under a heating source.

Safe and Durable

  • image 253Used with patients as little as 450 grams.
  • Designed for NICUs
  • Safe to use directly on the skin of the baby
  • Unscented so parents can scent it
  • Tested by infection control in every hospital
  • Breathable, so the baby does not perspire
  • By design, the filling does not get warm/hot under a heating source so it is safe to use in incubators, warmers, etc.  It may be warmed in the towel warmer or a couple of minutes in a dryer


  • The micro-fleece is very soft, breathable, it keeps the baby warm in cooler environments and cool if it is warm
  • Babies are comfortable as it keeps excess moisture away and babies do not sweat
  • It can be used directly on the skin of babies, even on micro-preemie babies
  • Because of the flexible nature of the materials, the Zaky® contours to the surface on which it is positioned
  • Great for premature and full-term babies, and when caring for multiple babies simultaneously.


  • Hand or machine wash/dry without disassembly
  • Wash/dry in home or Industrial Machines
  • Air or tumble dry on low
  • Washing bag is included for your convenience and the protection of the Zaky       
  • Clear vinyl bag is provided to protect The Zaky while not in use     

image 254

Comforting and Soothing

  • The size and weight simulates the hand and touch of the parent. 
  • It may be used on top, around and under the baby to provide boundaries (except on the face)
  • Babies feel reassured as if someone is touching them, which assists in their need of feeling protected
  • It assists nurses and care givers as she can leave the Zakys with each baby
  • Parents feel as they are leaving their hands with their baby, helping them feel more involved in the care of the patient
  • May be warmed in the towel warmer at hospitals and on the dryer at home
  • It is a transitional item for babies, helping them in different environments. It gives something constant and familiar reducing the baby’s anxiety when experiencing different lighting, scents, sounds, temperature, etc.(within the hospital, from the hospital to the house, in the car seat, from the house to someone else’s house, to child-care, etc)


  • Depending on the size and the condition of the baby, the health professional can select how much filling/weight to place on the hand and on top of the baby
  • Use it alone or with other positioning items
  • Control its weight and firmness by shifting the filling
  • To make a firm, yet flexible roll, shift the filling to the arm and fold the hand.
  • Warm in the towel warmer or a couple of minutes in the dryer
  • May be used on top, around, under the child, except on the face.
  • Parents scent it by "kangarooing it" for a couple of hours or at night
  • Use them as a boundary or "nesting" in any position, or for full head and back support
  • Two or more Zakys give you moe alternatives.
  • Keeps the baby sideling while breastfeeding in bed
  • Small, flexible, lightweight, convenient, practical and transportable
  • Ideal for supporting the posture and securing the baby centered under the harness in car seats or strollers
  • Helps with early childhood development as it encourages muscle movement in a safe environment
  • Used as gifts for for moms-to-be, premature babies, newborns, special needs, and other children

Order Information

South African Exclusive Distributor of The Zaky, a product by Zakeez, Inc.
Sensory Baby (Pty) Ltd
Reg:  2007/000128/07
Sensory Baby
Zana Young

South African Website: www.sensorybaby.co.za

Official Website of The Zaky: www.thezaky.com

image 249

Zakeez, Inc 2009.  Copyright and all rights reserved.
Material reproduced with the permission of Zakeez, Inc.

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