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Company Profile of Nativa


Nativa Pty Ltd. is a pharmaceutical marketing and sales company that started doing business in the alternative and natural health market in South Africa in April 1999.  The company is registered as a manufacturing pharmacy with the Pharmacy Council of South Africa and is also a member of the Health Products Association of South Africa. 

Heading Nativa is CEO and pharmacist Elize van der Berg.  She has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry (retail, manufacturing, wholesale, marketing, and corporate divisions) over the last thirty years, and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration.  Members of the Nativa Board extend the knowledge and skills base of the company further by drawing on a diverse pool of experience and expertise.

Locally based cosmetics company Amka acquired a 49 per cent stake in Nativa in 2005.   As a result of this transaction the BEE shareholding in Nativa now also stands at 49 per cent.

Philosophy and product range

Nativa’s approach has been to develop quality natural products that target specific conditions or cater for specific consumer needs.  To ensure the quality and safety of products, contract manufacturing takes place at GMP approved facilities.

The company is currently marketing 17 brands and a total of 90 SKU’s.  Nativa’s product portfolio includes  the OsteoEze joint care-range (that targets joint degeneration and arthritic conditions), the Turbovite body and mind energy booster range, Spasmopep (for irritable bowel syndrome in adults) and Spasmopep Junior (for colic, spasms and cramps in young babies and children), Lifegain (a nutraceutical formula for chronic conditions, disease or illness), the Linctagon range (a first line of defence against respiratory infections and colds and flu), Controlice (a clinically tested head lice spray), Controlice Head Rinse Lotion (also an effective head lice formula),  Maxivate  (an affordable and scientific formulated skin, hair and nail care range),  the Femagene range (a soap, gel and wipes for intimate feminine hygiene),  Go! lifestyle supplements (for men, women, workout and concentration),   Replace (an affordable meal replacement and dietary supplement), the Matla body booster range (an affordable range for chronically ill people), RadiCAL (a nanotech cal/mag complex), TranQuin (a natural stress spray, day formula and a night formula ) and the Nativa Complexes range (targeted supplementation for immune problems, heart health, allergies, prostrate functioning, diabetes, gout, liver support, hormonal balance, digestion, fatty acid and hair and nail support), TurboKidz (a new supplementation and nutritional range for kids on the go), Mom2B (two new products to support moms and the development of their babies during pregnancy and lactation), and New You (a new range for weight- and lifestyle management).

Utilising both science and nature Nativa has striven to make a real difference to the health and quality of life of people that use Nativa products.

Successes and milestones

Nativa started small – with only one full time employee – that worked from home in 1999. By 2008 the company employed 87 people full-time and an additional 37 employees part- time.

For Nativa it is not only about doing things right but also about doing the right things.  To a large extent this philosophy has moved Nativa along the path from being just an entrepreneurial health company to becoming a national asset.  Here is why: 

Nativa started its own powder manufacturing plant in 2006 that initially created 14 new jobs.  The current staff component there has grown to 27 permanent employees and 12 part-time employees.  Full GMP certification for the facility is planned for by mid 2009.  Products like Lifegain, Replace, Mom2B shakes, and some of the TurboKidz and New You line extensions are manufactured here.  Four deaf workers are employed at the factory.

  • All the employees at the factory are currently attending Abet classes (Adult Basic Education Training).
  • A donation of 25c per unit on all the powder products sold by Nativa is given to CHOC (Childhood Cancer Organization of South Africa).
  • Nativa has entered the Government tender market with its powder products in 2007.
  • The company was named the Best Employer to Work for in the Retail category by Deloitte in 2008.

Nativa products are sold through the pharmacy-, FMCG-, tender-, forecourt- and export channels.

Nativa are suppliers of the following products:

and suppliers of the following adult products:

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