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Preggy Protector for Seat Belt

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  • Preggy Protector for Seat Belt picture 2039
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Preggy Protector for Seat Belt picture 2039Preggy Protector for Seat Belt picture 2038

Be safe, be Preggy Protector safe! Effective in helping to maintain the seat belt over the hip area rather than the abdomen, without affecting the safety use of the seat belt.

Sudden braking and low-speed impacts can propel an adult forward. This can cause a standard seat belt, positioned above or below a woman’s abdomen, to exert extreme pressure on the uterus and unborn child. This could potentially cause injury to the unborn child or even a miscarriage.

Stops the seat-belt from riding up onto the pregnant mother’s stomach, helps prevent injury to you and your unborn child. Suitable for pregnancy and recovery after Caesarean. Prevents pressure from seatbelt after Caesarean. International Patent.

There is an age old debated question:
“Should a woman wear a safety belt while she is pregnant?” The answer is simple: Yes, in conjunction with a specialist product like the Preggy Protector™.

How it works?

The Preggy Protector™ works together with all motor vehicle seat belts by preventing the lap belt from riding up onto a woman’s pregnant stomach. This will ensure the safety of the unborn child should sudden braking or a low speed collision occur. The Preggy Protector™ is simple to install in any motor vehicle and is easily moved between driver and passenger seats.

Why wear the Preggy Protector™?

Research shows that the best protection for pregnant women and their
unborn babies is to wear the safety belt correctly. Wearing a safety belt with the Preggy Protector™ ensures that the lap strap will not slip or move up onto the pregnant stomach. Many pregnant women are either drivers or passengers in a motor vehicle on a daily basis travelling on the world’s busy roads. In South Africa alone there are 620 000 automobile collisions per year (1 698 per day). A collision occurs every 4 seconds.(source:

With the above statistics it is best for pregnant women to be safe by
using the Preggy Protector™. The Preggy Protector™ is also suitable for women who are in caesarean recovery.

Potential injury risks for unborn babies in automobile collisions

  • Separated placenta.
  • Foetal distress.
  • Early delivery.
  • Foetal breathing and nervous system disorders.
  • Direct foetal injury.
  • Foetal arm and leg injuries.

Studies have shown that wearing a safety belt is the safest way to travel for mother and unborn child.Many factors can contribute to the above risks during automobile collisions. These risks can be reduced by wearing The Preggy Protector™ with the safety belt as it helps position the lap belt correctly and comfortably under the pregnant stomach.

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