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Three Cheers for Tyron

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Three Cheers for Tyron picture 2549
Three Cheers for Tyron picture 2549
  • Tyron didn’t always stutter.
  • Before Uncle Jaap moved in with him and his mom, the words used to slide like slippery bubbles from his tongue.
  • But ever since Uncle Jaap has been staying in their spare room, Tyron has a nervous knot in his tummy and every now and then the words get stuck in his throat - like their kitchen door gets stuck when it rains.
  • Everyone says Mom is lucky to have found a man like Oom Jaap.
  • Tyron is the only one who doesn’t like him.
  • If only he could tell his music teacher who Oom Jaap really is ...
  • A sensitive story that teaches children not to keep quiet or feel guilty about abuse.
  • The book also contains practical guidelines to help parents and children deal with this issue

Author: Wendy Maartens

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