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TurboKidz Shake

Dietary and supplementary needs of growing children.

Dietary and supplementary needs of growing children.

TURBOKIDZ Smart Shakes are great to take as a snack or to drink on the run. A shake delivers 618.6 kilojoules of energy per serving (contained in a balanced quantity of protein and carbohydrates). Amongst its compliment of vitamins and minerals, TURBOKIDZ Smart Shakes contain Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins A, C and D. Growing children are often at risk of suffering deficiencies of these particular vitamins and minerals.

The low Glycemic Index of the formula ensures a slow sustained release of energy to users. Xylitol lends a hand to curb bacterial ear infections and dental decay. The carrot root powder extract in the formula is a strong antioxidant, promotes eye and skin conditioning and supports the functioning of the immune system. Broccoli extract - another strong anti-oxidant - assists the brain to withstand free radical damage (that causes cell degeneration). Additional brain and nervous system support comes from the amino acids L-tyrosine and Taurine.

Turbokidz Smart Shake is available in 4 flavours

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Supplied by: Nativa

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