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The Philips AVENT ‘Grown up cup’

The Philips AVENT ‘Grown up cup’ or ‘Toddler cup’ is a revolutionary cup that helps children transition from bottles to cups without all the mess.

The unique spill proof valve is an innovation, specially designed by experts at Philips AVENT. The valve is lip activated to allow drinking from all around the rim, just like an adult's cup, but due to being lip activated there’s no mess when not in use.

The protective hygiene lid also keeps the cup clean and the fast flow valve enables effortless drinking making it the perfect cup for toddlers. The Philips AVENT Grown Up Cup for children ages 12+ months, stocked at Baby City, Baby Boom, Toys R Us and selected retailers.

Visit the Philips AVENT website at to learn more about its product portfolio, and for valuable information and tips on feeding, or check out the Philips AVENT Facebook page at For recipes in the release, or more recipe ideas, go to

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The Clevamama ClevaSleep Positioner; Ensuring that baby sleeps in the safest possible position

The Clevamama ClevaSleep Positioner is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Manufactured using specifically engineered ClevaFoam for babies, the ClevaSleep Positioner has been scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on baby’s head by 50% during supine rest and provide 80% greater support.

The adjustable bumpers also help baby remain in a safer sleep position without restricting natural movements whilst preventing them from rolling onto their tummy. These are easily adjusted so that it grows with baby. Its slight elevation also helps ease the discomfort caused by Reflux, Colic and Nasal Congestion as well as aiding digestion.

The Clevamama ClevaSleep Positioner is covered with Airflow moisture management fabric, which helps draw moisture away and increases airflow through the fabric. In addition, the cover has a textured non-slip base and waterproof lining. It can be removed easily and is machine washable.

The Clevamama ClevaSleep Positioner is available at Baby City, Toys R Us, Baby Boom, and selected Checkers stores at a recommended retail price of R523.00.

*Once your baby is able to roll over freely, the ClevaSleep Positioner is no longer effective in positioning your baby, and its use should be discontinued. Avoid swaddling baby while using the product.

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To Steam or Cold Water Sterilise?

Whether breastfeeding or expressing to feed, one thing is certain, sterilising baby’s bottles, soothers, feeding utensils, cups and equipment is vital to ensuring baby is kept safe from germs and infections. Bacteria that can be extremely harmful for babies are known to grow rapidly in milk. For this reason, moms are advised to sterilise breast pumps and bottles, and also cups, feeding plates, spoons and forks until baby is at least a year old. A steriliser helps moms to achieve this quickly and without fuss, which is why it is such an important item on a new mother’s must-have list. Many mothers do query, however, the benefits of steam versus cold water sterilising. We uncover which method is best suited to the special needs of both moms and their babies.

The Cold Water Steriliser Option
A sterilising liquid or tablet, as well as a sturdy plastic container and lid, is all that is needed for the cold water sterilising method. After washing baby’s equipment, it is submerged in the sterilising solution for a period of 30 minutes and remains sterile for up to 24 hours if left in this liquid. Rinsing the sterilised bottles, dummies and feeding utensils with boiled water is necessary prior to use.

The benefit of the cold water sterilising option is that the solution can be used as often as necessary within a 24 hour period. One drawback, however, is that the sterilising solution can give off a strange smell, which may be off-putting for baby when it comes to drinking or eating from the sterilised equipment.

The Steamy Alternative
Steam sterilisers, on the other hand, use steam created from the heat of the microwave to disinfect baby’s equipment. The contents of a microwavable steam steriliser also remain sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is kept closed. Sterilising generally takes between three and eight minutes depending on the brand of steriliser moms choose.

The advantage of steam sterilising is without a doubt the speed at which bottles can be sterilised, but the fact that metal utensils cannot be placed in the microwave does count against this method.

What Size is Best?
It is important to consider the size of steriliser required before making a purchasing decision. Firstly, it is essential to make sure baby’s feeding equipment will fit in the steriliser of choice. Wide-necked bottles, by way of example, won’t fit in a steriliser designed for narrow-necked bottles. Furthermore, bottle-fed babies require more bottles than those who are breastfed and so it is a good idea to buy a larger steriliser for infants on formula.

The Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Steriliser is a good example of a convenient sterilising system for moms. Its compact and lightweight design means that six bottles can be sterilised in two minutes making it an ideal option both in and out of the home. The steriliser can be found at Baby City, Baby Boom, Toys R Us and selected Dischem stores at a retail price of R605.29.

Mother Knows Best
While both sterilising options offer significant benefits, it seems the ultimate purchasing decision is reliant on the unique needs of both moms and their babies. In this case, mother does indeed know best.

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