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Use for: supplementation before, during and after pregnancy


Mom2B capsules 30’s
Use for: supplementation before, during and after pregnancy
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Mom2B supplies nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals to support mothers and their babies during pregnancy and after birth.
Mom2B Pregnancy Capsules contains essential vitamins and minerals for expecting and lactating mothers. You can take it before and during pregnancy, as well as after birth (when you are breastfeeding).

The challenge of pregnancy
If you have been pregnant before, you will know that pregnancy presents would-be mothers with very particular challenges.
Some of these challenges - like morning sickness, constipation and heart burn - are pretty obvious. Others are not. You might, for example, not be so aware of the fact that your organs, muscles and bones do come under a lot of pressure as your pregnancy progresses.
To enable your body to cope with your pregnant state, it is imperative to get sufficient nutritional support from the food that you consume. However, eating regular and balanced meals is sometimes easier said than done. And there is off cause another side to it - the nutritional needs of the baby.

For babies to develop optimally during pregnancy they need the right nutrients. After birth, breast milk becomes the main source of nutrients are supplied through the consumption of breast milk. So it is very important that mothers get the nutritional support to allow babies to develop optimally before birth, as well as to ensure a big enough supply of high quality mother's milk after birth.


Each Capsule contains:    
Beta-Carotene 1.2 mg 200RE
Vitamin A as Acetate 0.6 mg 600RE
Vitamin E as Acetate 20.0 mg 30IU
Vitamin C 60.0 mg  
Vitamin D3 10.0 mcg 400IU
Vitamin B1 3.5 mg  
Vitamin B2 1.8 mg  
Vitamin B3 10.0mg  
Vitamin B5 3.0 mg  
Vitamin B6 2.5 mg  
Vitamin B12 2.0 mcg  
Biotin 25.0 mcg  
PABA 500.0 mcg  
Choline 2.5 mg  
Inositol 2.5 mg  
Folic Acid 500.0mcg  
Calcium carbonate 150 mg  
Magnesium AAC (elemental) 15 mg  
Zinc AAC (elemental) 2.5 mg  
Iron AAC (elemental) 11 mg  
Manganese AAC (elemental) 250 mcg  
Molybdenum AAC (elemental) 25 mcg  
Chromium Polynicotinate 30 mcg  
Copper AAC (elemental) 2 mcg  
Iodine 25 mcg  
Potassium 750 mcg  
Boron AAC (elemental) 0.5 mg  
Selenium AAC (elemental) 20 mcg  
Hesperidin 35% 25 mg  
Ginger RP 25 mg  


Take one capsule with breakfast.


Mom2B Pregnancy Shake 400g
Use for: supplementation before, during and after pregnancy
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Mom2B Pregnancy Shake provides advanced nutritional support to expectant moms and their babies. This yummy shake is high in energy, protein and fibre. In addition, it contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Because it is low in fat, it does not cause nausea.

Available in strawberry and vanilla flavour.


Nutrient* Amount per 100g Amount per 50g serving % RDA per serving#
Energy (kJ) 1507 754  
Protein (g) 22 11  
Carbohydrate (g) 58 29  
of which sugar (g) 15 7.5  
Total fat (g) 0.3 0.15  
Of which saturated fats (g) 0.3 0.15  
Total dietary fibre (g) 8 4  
Soluble fibre (g) 6 3  
Insoluble fibre (g) 2 1  
Sodium (mg) 380 190  
Vitamin A (IU) 1596 798 13
Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.9 0.45 30
Vitamin B2 (mg) 1.2 0.6 30
Nicotinamide (mg) 13.4 6.7 33
Pantothenic acid (mg) 6.6 3.3 33
Vitamin B6 (mg) 2 1 41
Vitamin B12 (µg) 5.6 2.8 70
Biotin (µg) 180 90 30
Folic Acid (µg) 920 460 58
Vitamin C (mg) 112 56 70
Vitamin D (IU) 480 240 60
Vitamin E (mg) 9 4.5 30
Vitamin K (mg) 60 30 *
Calcium (mg) 900 450 38
Chloride (mg) 880 440 *
Iodine (µg) 120 60 40
Iron (mg) 16 8 44
Magnesium (mg) 270 135 30
Phosphorus (mg) 734 367 31
Potassium (mg) 1006 503 *
Zinc (mg) 22.8 11.4 46



Take three level scoops (50g) of MOM2B powder.  Add gradually to 200ml of cold milk or water while stirring until powder is dissolved.  Take 1-2 servings daily.  A tin of pregnancy shake yields 8 servings.


Supplied by: Nativa

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