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TranQuin Night

Assists with sleeplessness and disturbances in sleeping patterns


TranQuin Night 20 capsules
Use for: assists with sleeplessness and disturbances in sleeping patterns
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TranQuin Night Formula has specifically been designed to assist the body to curb sleeplessness - or a disturbance in sleeping patterns. This state is generally referred to as insomnia - which is a state of inadequate sleep. Sufferers could find it difficult to fall asleep or could find themselves waking up and being unable to go back to sleep.
Causes of sleeplessness can include:
•    Short term stress - associated with for example jet lag
•    Short term illness or surgery - causing a disturbance in sleeping patterns
•    Imbalances in the body, anxiety, depression and chronic pain - linked to chronic sleeplessness that manifests over a longer period of time

What does the product contain?

The natural actives in TranQuin Night Formula assist the body to counter sleeplessness and include:
•    Valerian - a calmative herbal substance that supports the body to counter restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, and headaches. Studies have shown an improvement in the quality of sleep of Valerian users, as well as a reduction in the time to fall asleep. Valerian does not cause grogginess the next morning. It becomes more effective after it's been used for one or two weeks.
•    Passionflower - is a mild tranquiliser and assists to settle edgy nerves. It helps the body to relieve muscle tension and to counter extreme anxiety. As a result it supports the body to deal with nervous insomnia. It also has analgesic properties.
•    B-Complex vitamins - that help to maintain healthy nerves and muscle tone. These vitamins are useful to counter depression or anxiety. They also promote the general condition of the skin, eyes, hair and liver and provide additional energy to the body.
•    Magnesium - a mineral that assists the body to curb insomnia and irritability.


Each capsule contains:
Passion Flower Extract    100 mg
Valerian Root Extract    100 mg
Vitamin B1    5 mg
Vitamin B2    5 mg
Vitamin B3    5 mg
Vitamin B6    5 mg
Biotin    200 mcg
Pantothenic Acid    6 mg
Magnesium     40 mg


Adults and children above 16 years of age:
Adults and children over 16 years of age can take one capsule before bedtime or as prescribed by a health care professional.


Supplied by: Nativa

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