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Mommy I'm Here ALERT Combo - Pink

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Mommy I'm Here ALERT Combo - Pink picture 1976
  • Mommy I'm Here ALERT Combo - Pink picture 1976
  • Mommy I'm Here ALERT Combo - Pink picture 1975
Mommy I'm Here ALERT Combo - Pink picture 1976Mommy I'm Here ALERT Combo - Pink picture 1975

As a parent, you know that it takes just a moment for your child to wander off.

Technology to the rescue! Keep your child within earshot at all times with this revolutionary device that uses a small key chain transmitter and a teddy bear-shaped receiver which mounts easily to child’s shoe or wristband.

The Mommy I’m Here Alert is a basic tracking system with its own radio frequency to help you track and find your child up to 50 metres away. That’s about half the length of a football field. If your child wanders off more between 3 to 10 metres, the new Alert feature will cause the remote keychain to beep, alerting you that your child is out of sight. You can get it in pink or blue.

  • Attaches to child’s shoe or ID wristband
  • Wireless transmitter up to 50 metres
  • Emits series of high decibel beeps
  • Remote control for parent unit
  • Water resistant
  • Tamper proof and durable, even when worn by active toddlers
  • No small parts and cannot be taken apart, to prevent choking or harm to your child
  • Superior to the other products in quality, appearance and functionality
  • Attach it to your child with the Mommy I’m Here wristband on your child’s wrist or ankle, to ensure that it is not taken off and stays on your child at all times
  • Mommy I’m Here wristband comes with ID information inside for extra protection
  • Attach to your baby’s pram or stroller from newborn age
  • Ideal for keeping track of your children over the Soccer 2010 World Cup, especially when human trafficing and abductions of children is at an all-time high in South Africa

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