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Schools in Willowvale, Eastern Cape

SchoolDaycarePre-PrimaryPrimarySecondarySpecial NeedsAge GroupNo of KidsLocation
Crawford Preparatory, Sandtonyes4yr - 14yr1000Benmore
Ebotwe Pre-Primaryyes0
Fort Boukeryes0
Lower Gwadu Pre-Primary Schoolyes0
Mendu Pre-Primary Schoolyes0
Mevana Pre-Schoolyes0
Mfula Pre-Schoolyes0
Mpozolo Pre-Schoolyes0
Msengeni Pre-Schoolyes0
Nqabara Pre-Schoolyes0
Ntsimbakazi Pre-Primaryyes0
Tobigunya Pre-Schoolyes0
Upper Dadamba Pre-Schoolyes0
Willowvale Pre-Schoolyes0

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