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January! A new year!

A New Year

Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year!  These well know words indicate the start of a new year.  Committed we update our new-year’s-resolutions list, even though it is only in our minds. 

And (just like the previous year) there are a few standard items that will again make the top 5 list (hopefully with more success than last year):  exercise more, eat healthy, more quality time with the kids, to make time for yourself – to read that book that you got for your birthday…and the list just gets longer and longer.

image 524January also brings its own list of things to do:

Kids have to go back to school after a (too) long holiday, and coupled with that is the buying of school clothes, school bags and stationary. 

Moms have to think innovatively again about nutritional lunchbox ideas, that looks good enough to ensure that it does not get returned to home untouched.  Click here for our super lunchbox ideas

This month it will also be expected of a lot of Moms to do the almost impossible – to leave your little bundle of joy at a daycare.  At least it comforts one a bit to know that you chose the best daycare, within your budget, for your most valuable possession.  Have a look at our advice on how to choose a daycare.  You can also use our list of schools, nurseries and daycare facilities to assist you to compile a list of places for you to visit.  There is only one golden rule to remember: follow your instinct!

Visit our daycare section for more interesting articles to help you with your search.

If Mom and Baby feel anxious because of the new changes, and even older siblings who have to attend school, try Rescue from Natura to assist you and your family through this difficult time.

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